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A Time of Reckoning Part III
        Sunlight filtered between the drapes. George began the day with exercise just like every other day, on the bicycle-powered generator in the basement utility room. Afterwards he showered and broke his fast over the remaining egg supply; his last tasty morning meal of his life, for the future was nothing but canned food. Slinging a brown, leather satchel over his head George grabbed a recent addition to his weapon supply from the hallway closet.  The second choice for the day’s expedition was a standard 12-gauge, pump action shotgun. Ammo lined his duster’s pockets.
George began the hike up the stairwell, striding outside and swept his weapon left then right. The roof was clear as well as neighboring houses. A pile of junk forming a ramp sat to the west side. Pumping his legs George ran up the incline, leapt over the open space, limbs flailing and rolled to his feet on the other side.
Sporadically without notice gust
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A Time of Reckoning Part II
     He awoke to the smell of bacon. Washing himself off after the night’s rest he walked into the kitchen. Breakfast was already out on the table. His favorite too, Bacon, scrambled eggs with ketchup and toasted pork roll sandwich. Cecila thought him weird for liking the taste of ketchup on eggs.
     With a smile she said, “Good morning Honey!” Briefly they embraced each other, kissing afterwards. Sitting at his usual spot he grabbed the fork. Before he could get his first bite Cecila wrapped her arms around his neck. “Now that you finally have a day off what are we doing today?”
     “Since it’s a ‘special’ day I got something special all planned out already. You didn’t think I forgot did you?”
     “No of course not, just a bit excited I suppose.”
:iconyayap111:Yayap111 0 8
A Time of Reckoning Part I
     The hunched figure was washed in amber pigment from the warm glow of a candle. Light flickered off the metal object that lay on top of the table.  Books were strewn about in various sizes of stacks as the figure sat reading a novel.
     In that silence there was a brief clanging noise in the direction of a hallway; then followed the distinct sound of a moan. The man turned his head quickly, knowing what would happen next if he continued to sit idle, he blew out the candle and grabbed the metallic mechanism and stashed it in his pants’ cargo pocket.
     Dashing for the hallway he searched for a blunt object. His best choice was a massive leather bound book the size of a dictionary. He waited beyond the corner as the moaning from the hallway became louder and louder. Soon he could hear feet shuffling on the wooden floor.
     A dark shadow appears and the man swings w
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Diablo 2- FA Chapter 1
Act 1: Plight of the Rogues
Chapter 1
An unnatural silence lay over the moors of Khanduras. The moon hung high in the night sky, but no dogs howled to it. A soft breeze brushed trees that were otherwise untouched by wild animals. It’s said that animals can sense when a natural disaster is approaching; if that’s true, then the same must hold for unnatural disasters as well, for they had all fled these plains. This was no longer a place for the beasts of nature; evil dwelt here now.
Through this wilderness, a single traveler walked. Covered in a heavy cloak to protect them from the elements, the only things not concealed beneath their shroud was a hand axe that hung from their belt and the faint sound of metal clanging together. Though surrounded by darkness, the traveler didn’t seem afraid. Their perseverance was rewarded when a faint light poked through the trees and began to get brighter as the traveler drew closer to it. It was a campfire, and a large one at that.
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Hey Bioware I have something to say.

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